Monday Mantra: Meant to be

Good morning and Happy Monday.  I hope you had a great weekend filled with joy!  We had a lovely but exhausting weekend with our first wedding of the season!! {Go MOSS!}  Annie and I traveled out to the Farmhouse Inn in Madison, Ga for a beautiful {and HOT} outdoor wedding.  Check out the MOSS blog for pictures coming your way soon!!  And the first official Pinterest party happened…and was awesome.  Stay tuned for images and how to’s from a few of our favorite craft moments!  Hope you have a great week…enjoy today’s “mantra”.

” God doesn’t give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need.  To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be”

Happy Monday!

~ Jillian

{Thank you to my sweet friend Alea from Alea Moore Photography for sharing this special quote with me!  Be sure to check out her blog to see their amazing work}


Things to L♥ve

Sometimes there are just no words…you need images…inspiration!  Quiet your mind so that you can notice things around you.  Be prepared for possibly the most random mixture of images coming your way. {just the way my brain works sometimes}  Where do you find inspiration?  What things do you notice as you go thru life?  Get Inspired!!

{Bon Expose}

{A Place to Love Dogs}

{Young House Love}

{Pink Yummies}

{Old Barn Wood}

{Storyboard Wedding}

{Better Homes & Gardens}

{White Peony}

{Knock Off Decor}

{Samantha Wills Bridal}

{Peacock’s Tail}

{New England Wildflower Society}

See anything that inspired you?  What is the most random thing you have ever been inspired from?  Comment with your story or even send in your images to be featured on an upcoming post!!

Happy Friday!

~ Jillian

Good Belly

If there is one thing in my life that has always been a problem for me…its my tummy, for as long as I can remember I’ve had issues.  Not only is poor digestion a pain in the butt to deal with {no pun intended} its also not good for your health!  Did you know that 70% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract!?!

So healthy digestive track = Strong Immune system.

Now as some of you might know I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years in an attempt to improve my digestion…some of them a bit crazier then others.  While I’ve seen some improvement with the various wacky things I’ve tried nothing has really gotten my system in line.  Recently the hubs and I attended a Qigong conference in Asheville {more on that to come}  and one of the major topics discussed at the seminar was how to use foods to heal your body {check out “Food Factoids” for some of the food info we’ve learned}.  One of the most recommended things at this seminar was a product called Good Belly.  Good Belly is a liquid probiotic that tastes delicious and is PACKED full of the good bacteria your belly needs to stay nice and balanced and happy!

Pro-biotic means “for life”.  Probiotics are living microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on the body.  In order to be deemed a probiotic, the strain of bacteria found in the supplement must be shown to survive the stomach’s acidic environment in order to reach the rest of the digestive tract where it does the majority of its work.  Which is why GoodBelly is so great!!  The strain of probiotic {Lp299v} is tough enough to survive the stomach acid in order to reach the rest of the bodies intestinal tract.  Good Belly is dairy-free, soy-free and vegan.  But most importantly it promotes Healthy Digestion…which we now know equals strong immune system!

Although I’m still working on things and my stomach is by no means at 100%…I have seen HUGE improvements and am very hopeful that sticking with this will help me bring my crazy stomach a little bit closer to “normal”.

To your Health

~ Jillian

*If you are at all interested in this topic I strongly suggest this book, “Conquering Any Disease: Food Healing Protocols” by: Jeff Primack

**This post is in no way sponsored or officially affiliated with Good Belly.  I just want to share the goodies that i’m enjoying with you!!

{Guest Post} Spring into Fashion

Today’s guest post is written by none other then my fellow MOSS-y lady…Annie!  She’s got a killer sense of style and is sharing a few of her tips and spring favs for us all to enjoy!!  Spring into spring fashion!!

Ahhhh… my favorite season has at last arrived.  No more pale skin covered up by layers of clothes.  Its time to bring out the spring (and well summer) clothes and get a renewed sense of self.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel better come the start of spring and summer usually after a long winter of feeling like all I did was snuggle up, eat up and fatten up!  Spring cleaning takes on a new meaning for me each year.  This year it is spring cleaning in my closet as the clothes have been out grown, out worn and are possibly OUT of style.  But as much as I would love to just splurge and start all new, let’s be real…that just can’t happen, so it is about the basics and the essentials.  For me, spring and summer is all about dresses, mixing and matching and those few staples that can go for any occasion.  So let’s get started…

As much as I wish this wasn’t my first thought, because I spend the most of my time here…. WORK.  I am lucky to work in a fairly casual environment so I don’t require a separate work  wardrobe {my bosses may feel differently…ha}  Work attire for me this time of year is simple…a great dress.  A great dress that I can wear to work, one that I can wear say on the weekend out for brunch with the fiancé or a Christening for one of my MANY nieces and nephews….

{Striped Dress can be found at Piperlime and the long dress at ShopBop}

But it ain’t all about work…girls gotta have some fun too!!  How about those weekends when your girlfriend is in town and you are out and about, window shopping in the ever so adorable VA Highlands or perusing the shops at Star Provision….

{The romper can be found at ShopBop and we found the shorts at My Showroom}

And finally, one of my favorites are date nights!  I can get dressed up a little more than usual and we sit at a rooftop bar catching up on life or talking about our upcoming wedding!  And bonus…these fantastic little numbers can multitask…you could use this for an evening cocktail event, a wedding or even a work party.

{We found the Leopard Dress at Piperlime and are still searching for the Pinterest source of the lace skirt}

Now I’m no guru on fashion but I like to think I was raised by a very stylish mom who made a point to teach me about those functional pieces of clothing.  Ones that can be worn for many occasions and ones that will last.  It is important to remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to clothes, so invest in a few timeless pieces and I promise you can’t go wrong.  And what post about fashion would be complete without a little eye candy to finish it off, some fabulous essential accessories to jazz it all up….

{We found the ring at Preebrulee and the shoes at Bloomingdales}

~ Annie

Monday Mantra: one Day at a time

Happy Monday to you!  What a lovely weekend; that as usual went by just a little too quickly!!  We did some birthday celebrating  with friends and loved ones, spent some time relaxing in a little cabin in the woods & took at little “Bonsai How To” class {more on that to come!}  What did you do this weekend?  Go anywhere fun?  Try anything new?  Cross anything off that to do list?

“The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

So remember to slow down and enjoy when you can, focus on the things you enjoy about today.

Happy Monday

~ Jillian

Fabulous Fitness Find

Happy Friday!!  I am READY for the weekend and hoping this cloudy Atlanta weather goes away…I’m ready for some sunshine!!  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend??  Here’s a little Friday motivation for ya ~

We all know that exercise is good for us.  Good for maintaining a healthy body weight, good for keeping our heart healthy, good for strengthening our muscles and increasing our endurance.  just good good good.  I love that feeling of finishing a truly butt kicking workout, knowing that i’ve done something great for myself BUT for most of us finding the time to get in a truly good workout on a daily basis is tough.

So what if i were to tell you that there is a FREE website that offers daily workouts you can do at home, most of which are 15 minutes or less.  WHAT?!?!  I know…i couldn’t believe it myself when i first stumbled on  But let me tell you these workouts might be short but they are INSANE!!

First off…I know…that picture is ridiculous…but she is for real…its not photoshopped!!  Possibly motivating you just a little bit more seeing that pic {or irritating you}?  Bodyrock is an interval based system which is  basically short crazy burst like workouts that get your muscles and your endurance in overdrive!  The workouts are 4-6 exercises that you repeat 2-3 rounds using the intervals of 50 seconds on / 10 seconds off.  There are a few different types of equipment they use on the website but i’ve been able to find alternatives for most exercises without purchasing any of the equipment.  I guarantee that you will be sweating, panting and ready to fall on the floor after only 12 minutes!!  {all of that is a good thing by the way}

The fact that all I need is 15 or 20 minutes even on my busiest day to get in a little workout makes it almost impossible to come up with an excuse not to exercise {although some days I get really creative with my reasons not to}.  So give it a whirl!

Sweat it up

~ Jillian

Design challenge: Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have one of those spaces in your house that no one else probably would even give a second glance but it drives you INSANE that its not finished or not to your liking?  For me the sore thumb in my house was the empty space above my kitchen cabinets.  With a super open floor plan you  can see the gaping emptiness from almost all vantage points on our main floor {we live in a 3 story long & narrow townhouse}.  I tried random accessories scattered around up there…but it looked way too busy and just didn’t fit with the rest of our house.  For my next attempt i thought maybe one “type” of accessory would make it feel a little less random and a little more cohesive…so i went with baskets.  I have like a million random baskets scattered around the house….but still it just didn’t feel right.  So to the internets I go to try and find some inspiration.

My inspiration came from none other then the lovely John & Sherry of Young House Love  {if you don’t already follow their blog…I highly recommend it…they are awesome sauce}  John & Sherry are in the middle of a kitchen redo and when i came across this picture…i had a light bulb over the head kinda moment.  White!!  To add some interest above those cabinets but not over complicate or make things to busy…I need to gather all things white to display up there!  Brilliant!

I did a quick search thru the house and realized that I had almost NO white goodies!!?  How is that possible?  Enter my self proclaimed design challenge…find items to finish out my now obsession with filling out that empty space BUT no item can be more then $10.  Girl’s gotta design on a budget here!  So off to Salvation Army, Good Will, Home Goods & the Target clearance aisles I go.  I also broke out the white craft paint and turned a few not so great accessories living in my basement into something kitchen cabinet worthy.  So without further ado…I present…The kitchen cabinet “dead space” solution…

* A few of my favorites in the pic above – the octagon divided platter from Salvation Army for $5!!, the amazing artichoke and the pitcher with the cute little birdy on the handle {far right}

* How fantastic is that rooster…he was the first official purchase for this little project of mine.

Are you possibly in need  of a little over the kitchen cabinet inspiration?!?  Here are a few lovelies to get your little design brain a-churning.  PLEASE no more fake foliage…I think we are all past the faux plant phase {i hope}.

{Image from SAS Interiors}

{Images from 320 Sycamore & Our Suburban Cottage}

{Image from Jennifer Reynolds Interiors}

{Image from Pier One}

* Completed any self proclaimed design challenges lately?  Done any game changing switcharoos that cost you nothing but a little bit of your creative time?  Send in your before and after pictures!  Inspire us!!

Design it up!

~ Jillian

* Big thanks to my girl Sarah for snapping the pictures of my casa with her fancy camera!

** I have to also throw in a GIANT Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby!!  I love you!

the Perfect Pin: Crafting

Still obsessing over Pinterest?  It’s hard not to…trust me…I know!!  Today’s Perfect Pin is all about one of my favorite pass times…Crafting.    Taking inexpensive materials and combining them into something fabulous!  Here are a few of the things on my “list to craft” but be sure to check out my “it’s CRAFTING time” board for more inspiration.

coloring book page turned artwork {from Make it…a Wonderful Life}

light fixture globe turned cake stand

pots turned outdoor table {found at Better Homes & Gardens}

paint chips turned artwork {found at A Thoughtful Place}

What fun crafting things have you tried lately??  Do you have favorite “go to” places for creative inspiration??  One of the kickers with being mildly obsessed with Pinterest is that with so many fabulous ideas its hard to find the time to Actually follow thru with all of your crafting dreams…SO…A few of my favorite crafting ladies have come up with a BRILLIANT idea and are hosting our newest girl gathering – the first ever – “Pinterest Party”!?!!?!?!  Be sure to check back for details and pics coming up soon!!

Get Crafting!

~ Jillian

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Monday Mantra: Rainbow

Top O’ the Mornin to ya.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the week ahead with a smile on your face.  Remember that getting thru the challenges you face today and learning from them will only bring you closer to a sense of happiness and contentment.

“If you want the rainbow, then you must have the rain.”

~Annette Hanshaw

Happy Monday!

~ Jillian

{Guest Post} Go West!: You’ll Love It Here.

Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you but I am READY for the weekend!  Anyone doing anything fun this weekend…enjoying some beautiful weather…perhaps hiking the Grand Canyon?!  HA…I wish!!  So since most of us probably can’t make it out the Grand Canyon for a little stroll…how about we live vicariously thru Brittany and Mike while we pour over the last installment of their honeymoon recap – Go West!  Enjoy & have a lover-ly weekend!!

We spent the last half of our honeymoon adventure in Arizona…and completely fell in love with this state!  {You can read about the first half of our adventure here}

Using Flagstaff as our base camp, we were able to see quite a few areas in and around northern Arizona.  First up….the Grand Canyon!

Day 5: Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona

My husband and I had both been to the Grand Canyon separately, but wanted to visit it together.  Plus, I don’t think either of us could tire of viewing such a majestic and beautiful sight.  Beginning at the South Rim, we decided to hike down into the canyon for a new perspective.  We hiked the Bright Angel Trail.  This trail is a maintained dirt trail that extends 12 miles into the Canyon, to Plateau Point.  The hike was easy on the way down…of course!  Aside from the occasional run-in with pack mules, it was quiet, peaceful and gorgeous.  I drove my husband crazy, stopping every 10-15 feet to snap another photo.  Good thing I did though, because hiking out of the canyon was strenuous, to say the least.  A 2,000 foot elevation climb in 3 miles on a narrow footpath made me pack away my camera and focus on walking.

If you are up for a good workout, the Bright Angel Trail is a great way to see a whole new side of the Grand Canyon.  Just be cautious!  This trail is very steep and gets quite narrow at several spots.  Carry plenty of water and food with you and start your hike early, especially in the summer.   Check out the National Park Service website for more information on day hikes in the Grand Canyon.

Day 6: Page, Arizona

It was a purely an accident that Page ended up on our honeymoon itinerary.  We had another spot on our “must do” list, but were unable to get a permit for that park.  When the permit was denied and we searched for something else to do in the area, we happened upon a website for tours of Antelope Canyon.  Antelope Canyon is a “slot canyon”, formed by rainwater eroding crevices into the sandstone.  Over time, flash floods have eroded the stone into smooth “flowing” walls.

Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo lands and requires a tour guide to gain access.   There are several companies that offer tours of the canyon, but we would recommend Chief Tsosie and his guides at Antelope Slot Canyon Tours!  The guides are all Navajos that grew up on this land, are knowledgeable about the canyon and extremely helpful and friendly.  We spent a little extra and booked a photography tour at the peak time (10:30 am).  The extra money was well worth it!  Not only did we have extra time in the canyon, we had a tour guide all to ourselves and he showed us how to change the settings to properly capture the photos of Antelope Canyon.  Just take a look at our photos…amazing!

Following our tour, the guide suggested that we grab a picnic lunch and head to Horseshoe Bend for a picnic.  We took his advice and boy…were we glad that we did!

Day 7: Oak Creek Canyon/89A, Sedona & Montezuma’s Castle

Departing Flagstaff, we jumped on the scenic Highway 89A south to Sedona.   It was definitely worth a few extra minutes in the car.  The views of Oak Creek Canyon and the fall colors were gorgeous!  {we were there the first week of November}  We did not stop much along 89A for photos, but I can assure you that you will want to take this route if you find yourself in the area.  This article was one of the selling points for me and does a great job of illustrating the sights along 89A.

The red rocks of Sedona are breathtaking.   Unfortunately, we did not have more than an afternoon to enjoy the scenery.  We hiked the Cathedral Rock trail, which was more like rock climbing at times.  We were blown away by the view at the end {below…top left photo}.  Totally worth scaling up rock walls with a purse slung over one shoulder.  What?!  It was labeled an “easy” trail…

After our quick tour of Sedona, we continued south toward Phoenix.  Along the way, we stopped off in Camp Verde, to see Montezuma Castle.  Montezuma Castle is a 20 room dwelling, built by the Sinagua people, into cliffs that border Beaver Creek.  It is believed that the structure dates back 600 years.  Kind of amazing, considering it was built in the side of a limestone cliff without the use of modern building equipment.

We ended our road trip honeymoon journey in Phoenix.  It was bittersweet, for sure.  We fell in love with the little bit of the west that we were able to visit.  So much untouched natural beauty, just off the beaten path.  Those residents of Arizona and eastern California sure are lucky to have such a gorgeous backyard!

We can’t wait to plan another road trip adventure!  It provided us with so many wonderful memories and experiences.  We spent hours in the car, marveling at our surroundings and having some great conversations about life….our dreams for the future, our favorite moments from the wedding and everything in between.  It is not for everyone, but I would recommend trying a road trip at least once.  And, if you really want to make it an exciting trip….Go West!

~ Brittany