Design School: Mis-matched Nightstands

Welcome back to Design School.  I hope you’ve been doing your homework and adding lots of fabulous creative touches around your home!!

There is a great debate out there on matching vs non-matching furniture in a room, specifically in bedrooms.  I tend to fall on the Non-matchy side of things in most cases.  I love the look of a pulled together room that is interesting and has different elements to look at.  A sure fire way to add that designer touch to your space is to change up the more typical design-in-a-box details by putting together pieces that might not be expected!

All of that being said…I happen to currently have matching bedside tables in my master bedroom (gasp) BUT I do have different lamps and accessories on top of each table to achieve that more individualized look.  If you decide you want to go for a non-matchy look with your night stands, here are a few tips and inspirations images that might help you get started!!

1. Go for Similar details.  Look for similar leg styles, molding details, or overall style of the night stands.  The shape and style of the pieces will naturally tie them together.

nightstands 4(source)

2. Use similar accessories to tie them together.  Use the same lamps, add greenery and tie together with accessories of similar colors.  This can go a long way with marrying two pieces together.  Keep in mind the accessories don’t have to MATCH just have an element of each accessory on each nightstand to tie them together.

nighstand 8(source)

3. Mix together pieces with similar size and scale.  Pieces that are similar in size and scale will automatically go well together, even if the color, details and lines are exactly the same.  Aligning the height of the pieces can go a long way for bringing balance to either side of the bed.

nightstands 2(source)

4. Balance with visual weight.One nightstand that is a chest of drawers will automatically bring more weight then something that is more like an open table.  Consider balancing that difference with the weight of the base, color difference or even the accessories.  If you mix a dark espresso table with a lighter color chest of drawers, each piece carries a similar amount of visual weight and therefore balances each other.

nightstands 1(source)

5. Coordinate the color.  Two pieces that look completely different on the surface can easily coordinate with each other if the color is consistent.  The styles might be different but if they are both painted the same navy blue for instance, they will automatically tie to each other because of the color.  This goes for wood finishes too, if they are both the same maple wood finish they automatically look like they belong together.

nightstands 3(source)

6. Find pieces you LOVE!  As always, this is the most important rule, because really rules are meant to be broken.  If there is something you feel strongly about or want to try…DO IT!  Trust your instincts and pull together things you love.

nighstands 5(source)

nighstand 6(source)

nightstand 7(source)

Get Inspired and GO FOR IT!
~ Jillian


Monday Mantra: bloom

Happy Monday to you!  Life has been a BIT crazy lately (so I’m sorry for being so absent) but my mind (and body) have  been in a million different places lately as we prepare for this next chapter in our lives!!  With only a few weeks left, I can say that I am ready in mind and spirit but NOT ready physically (as in the to-do list is still INSANELY long).  I just keep reminding myself that in the end…it really doesn’t matter what gets done and what doesn’t…soon it will be the time and the timing will be perfect!!  SO all that being said, I hope you are doing well and I promise to be better about staying in touch!!

Life moves so fast these days, with instant gratification at every turn.  It makes it insanely easy to compare your life with others.  See what people are doing in real time and comparing it to what you are or aren’t doing.  I recently ran into a sweet sweet friend that I haven’t seen in ages (we literally ran into each other in a random parking lot in the middle of no where…total fate).  I met her children for the first time although because of all the pictures posted and stories written I feel like i know them!  As they grew tired of us adults chit-chatting and started getting restless, she said…see this is actual reality…I guess I should start posting pictures like this instead of just the cute ones right?!

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it,
it simply blooms.”


Stay true to yourself, no matter what.
Choose Joy
~ Jillian