What’s for Dinner?

We are going thru some changes over here!  In an attempt to clean all the junk out of our systems…we are making some major changes to what we eat.  I’ve done a lot of food things over the years and have already cut out a lot of stuff.  I am 100% gluten free, eat minimal meat and whenever possible go for organic and unprocessed foods.  The boy followed some of my eating ways (mainly because I usually cook the dinners…so he had no choice) but he still loved his carbs and dairy and wasn’t too crazy about veggies.

The  theory behind our change is that most health issues in our bodies are caused from some form of inflammation.  So if you can reduce or eliminate the inflammation…your symptoms should go away!!  So what kinds of foods to you have to avoid in order to help you body naturally reduce inflammation:

  • Dairy
  • SUGAR!!!!!!!
  • Carbohydrates (especially Wheat based or overly processed grains)

Another big requirement to our list is that anything we make has to be easy, minimal ingredients and fast cooking. Usually I get things started…then take a break to put our little munchkin down to bed while the husband finishes preparing so we can sit down for a somewhat relaxing meal and rest for the evening.  So far…GREAT SUCCESS!  We have discovered some yummy, super healthy and easy to make dinners!!

Disclaimer: 100% of the credit for these recipes AND these images goes to the source i’ve included in the links.  I’ve indicated any revisions or changes that we might have made when we cooked them but I take NO credit for the recipe creativity or the fabulous photography below!!!

Night 1: Pecan Crusted Chicken with Garlic Green Beans & a Sweet Potato.  This was super easy and yummy!  Normally I don’t love just a chicken breast (i prefer it shredded or cut up in things) but this one came out super moist and delicious.  You “bread” the chicken with ground up pecans and bake!

pecan chicken

Night 2: Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs over Basmati Rice and a Kale salad w/ mandarin organes pecans and miso ginger dressing.  These were amaze-balls.  The sauce is so delicious and would be good on ANYTHING.  I ate the leftovers with Quinoa and it was also super yummy!

thai turkey meatballs

Night 3: Chickpea Moroccan Stew over Red quinoa w/ Balsamic Brussel Sprouts.  This is one that I changed up a bit.  I had a use what’s in the pantry moment…so while it calls for butternut squash and red potatoes…I used sweet potato instead (added extra chickpea to make the proportions right).  The Brussel Sprouts are super easy to.  Simple bake them until they are crispy (or as cooked as you like) then add olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt to taste.
chickpea stew

Night 4: Spicy Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash with Scrambled Goat Cheese Eggs.  As you can see in the pic this one called for over easy eggs which aren’t a favorite in this house.  So instead we paired the potato and sausage hash with scrambled eggs cooked with goat cheese (the only dairy item on our list). I added avocado and a little cholula hot sauce to finish it off.

sweet potato hash

On another fabulous note…all of these were great as left overs too (hello healthy lunches and crazy busy night bonus!).


~ Jillian


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