Chairish: Vintage Furniture Fabulousness

There is just something so wonderful about vintage pieces.  They add so much character and history to a space and there are so many different ways that you can incorporate them into a room that you love.  But finding vintage pieces can be a challenge!  What could be better than an online resource that brings fabulous vintage pieces right to your fingertips!

Chairish is an online marketplace for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another.  The super creative folks at Chairish asked me to create a mood board inspired by one of their beautiful armoires.  I was so inspired by this armoire on their site that I couldn’t resist creating TWO looks.  (…so many options…s0 hard to make a decision!)

Option 1: Modern Classic with a twist


Option 2: mid-century Vintage


Be sure to check out Chairish…and be prepared to fall in love with all of the vintage loveliness it has to offer!

Happy Shopping
~ Jillian



Fall Color Inspiration

Autumn is right around the corner… and with it comes cooler temperatures (thank goodness!!) and of course beautiful fall colors.  These inspiring tones are sure to get you ready to jump into a new season.  So break out those sweaters and get ready to order yourself a delicious pumpkin latte…because it’s all about Fall!

Slide1Cadmium Orange is a dramatic tangerine tone with a retro vibe and a huge pop of personality.


A sophisticated take on olive green with a soothing and chic feel.


An easy going warm and rustic shade with a cozy vibe reminiscent of fall foliage.


A relaxing blue-gray with a cool and calming feel and an almost ocean-like vibe


A mix of violet, orchid, and amethyst is a sophisticated pop of color.

Are you READY for fall!?!  What are your favorite hues of the season?

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

~ Jillian

Guest Post: Design Apps

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Julia Thoran.  Julia spends most of her time on mobile technology, and she’s dedicated her life to sharing just how effectively our phones can make our lives easier. From learning to cook simple to complex recipes with cooking apps to redecorating her home, she’s learned a lot from her trusty mobile phone, and she’ll gladly share some of her favorite apps with you.

Three Great Apps That Can Help Redesign Your Home

Home redesign can be a tricky affair. On the one hand, starting with a bare room can help you express and explore your creativity. On the other, one always has to work around limitations such as budget, time, and energy. Nobody wants to invest on three cans of paint and realize that it wasn’t the color they wanted, or buy a new couch to match the new carpet, only to find out that it doesn’t fit in the room, or that it sits at an awkward angle against a window. These are just some of the risks we take when we begin renovating our living spaces, but luckily, there are now many ways to avoid these problems, and some of them involve little more than whipping out your smartphone.

Accoding to the company that operates mobile-optimized website Iceland Bingo, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, with over a billion people on smartphones in 2012. In the past few years, mobile phones have evolved from simply being used for communication, and the Harvard Business Review reports that many people also use smartphones for seeking out new information, shopping, and of course, preparing for upcoming activities. As such, there are many apps that have been developed to help users make the most of their mobile phones, and those who want to redecorate can benefit from these apps immensely.

Struggling to pick a new color scheme, or wondering what kind of furniture will go with what’s already in your home? Here are three apps that can help you decide!

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is among the most popular design apps around, and with good reason. It allows you to recreate rooms in 2D, and then visualize it all in 3D. You can then add furniture, curtains, carpets, and wallpapers so you can visualize what you want your room to look like. It’s fairly easy to use as well, and although it is a premium app, there’s a free version available to try out.

Homestyler Interior Design

Already stripped your room to its bare bones and just getting ready to figure out what to install? Homestyler Interior Design would be a good choice. Simply snap a photo of your bare room, and then use the app to try different furniture and light sources. You can even install mirrors, rugs, paintings, and more to further customize your room. Once you’re done, you can share the design with friends and family to see what they think, or share it with the rest of the Homestyler community and get feedback on your ideas.

Dulux Visualizer

When it comes to repainting, you need to be extra careful that you don’t accidentally choose the wrong color of paint. The Dulux Visualizer makes it easier to ensure that you pick the right color, allowing you to take photos of the room you want to recolor, and try out different shades using the app. Once you’ve selected a shade you like, you can then order paint from your closest Dulux store.

BIG Thanks to Julia for contributing to HSE!!

~ Jillian

Design School: Mis-matched Nightstands

Welcome back to Design School.  I hope you’ve been doing your homework and adding lots of fabulous creative touches around your home!!

There is a great debate out there on matching vs non-matching furniture in a room, specifically in bedrooms.  I tend to fall on the Non-matchy side of things in most cases.  I love the look of a pulled together room that is interesting and has different elements to look at.  A sure fire way to add that designer touch to your space is to change up the more typical design-in-a-box details by putting together pieces that might not be expected!

All of that being said…I happen to currently have matching bedside tables in my master bedroom (gasp) BUT I do have different lamps and accessories on top of each table to achieve that more individualized look.  If you decide you want to go for a non-matchy look with your night stands, here are a few tips and inspirations images that might help you get started!!

1. Go for Similar details.  Look for similar leg styles, molding details, or overall style of the night stands.  The shape and style of the pieces will naturally tie them together.

nightstands 4(source)

2. Use similar accessories to tie them together.  Use the same lamps, add greenery and tie together with accessories of similar colors.  This can go a long way with marrying two pieces together.  Keep in mind the accessories don’t have to MATCH just have an element of each accessory on each nightstand to tie them together.

nighstand 8(source)

3. Mix together pieces with similar size and scale.  Pieces that are similar in size and scale will automatically go well together, even if the color, details and lines are exactly the same.  Aligning the height of the pieces can go a long way for bringing balance to either side of the bed.

nightstands 2(source)

4. Balance with visual weight.One nightstand that is a chest of drawers will automatically bring more weight then something that is more like an open table.  Consider balancing that difference with the weight of the base, color difference or even the accessories.  If you mix a dark espresso table with a lighter color chest of drawers, each piece carries a similar amount of visual weight and therefore balances each other.

nightstands 1(source)

5. Coordinate the color.  Two pieces that look completely different on the surface can easily coordinate with each other if the color is consistent.  The styles might be different but if they are both painted the same navy blue for instance, they will automatically tie to each other because of the color.  This goes for wood finishes too, if they are both the same maple wood finish they automatically look like they belong together.

nightstands 3(source)

6. Find pieces you LOVE!  As always, this is the most important rule, because really rules are meant to be broken.  If there is something you feel strongly about or want to try…DO IT!  Trust your instincts and pull together things you love.

nighstands 5(source)

nighstand 6(source)

nightstand 7(source)

Get Inspired and GO FOR IT!
~ Jillian

Kitchen Envy (again)

This post might look a little familiar to some of you…surprise it is a repeat!  2014 was quite a year for HSE so we wanted to look back and review some of our favorites!

Now we do have a wonderful new kitchen in our new house that I am loving, but there are always beautiful things out there worth looking at for further inspiration!

{From the lovely Martha}

I love love love the wood beams, the butcher block counter with the metal legs, the amazing pendant fixtures and all of the natural light!!

{Image found at Lavender & Lilies}

So much to love about this one…mildly obsessed with the white subway tile, painted bead board walls, large white farmhouse sink, cabinet color and the hanging baskets.

{From Elle Decor}

The built in L-shaped bench behind the counter is a MUST for my next kitchen…how brilliant is that!!  such a great casual dining layout right in the middle of the action…NEED IT!

I think everyone needs at least one chandelier in their house, why not two…over the kitchen island…YES please!!  Also love the detail over the sink window and the different cabinet colors.

{From Better Homes & Gardens}

I’ve shown you this one before…but i just love it.  Such a funky cabinet color, love the lead glass cabinet fronts, the painted bead board back splash is amazing and the copper pot open storage is the perfect touch of metal loveliness!

{Found at Young House Love}

The lit open glass shelving in this one is A-Maz-Ing.  and with all those cabinets…i bet her dishes stay nice and organized!!

{From Better Homes & Gardens}

The color combo in this kitchen makes me smile!  I enjoy the rug, the touches of turquoise & yellow, the texture from the woven chairs and the X detail in the glass cabinets!

Have i given you a case of Kitchen Envy?!  What are the things you love most about your current kitchen?  What do you day dream about for your future kitchen loveliness?

~ Jillian

Weekend Inspirations

Ahhhh the weekend (almost).  A time to relax, spend time with those you love and maybe even get your craft on?!?  For me the weekends are a time when life can slow down just a little bit (sometimes) and allows me to tap into some of my creativity!  So if you are looking for a little weekend inspiration to satisfy all of your artistic DIY urges?  Here are a few beauties that have inspired me lately!

love pring(source)

watercolor tree(source)

cloth deer(source)

metal calender(source)

bird watercolor(source)

peace wreath(source)

ruler table

dog head print(source)

paper garland(source)

Check out my “With My own Two hands” pinterest board for more fabulous inspirations!

Happy Crafting!!
~ Jillian

Design School: Mixing Patterns (again)

News flash: This is a repeat post from last year that was a favorite with HSE readers!  You can never have too many design tips as you freshen up your home for the new year, right!?!

One of the best ways to pull together a high end looking interior that doesn’t give off that “room in a bag” kind of vibe is to mix patterns; but to many that can be super intimidating!

Pattern is one of those things that when blended together right looks amazing but it is possible to have too much of a good thing or to get overwhelmed in the process!  My general rule of thumb for interiors is if you love it then go for it!!  But for those that are a-scared to jump off the pattern ledge here is the first ever HSE addition of Design School.

A little disclaimer first, these are just “guidelines” to follow, these aren’t hard and fast rules.  Most important is that you give it a shot…some attempts might be more successful then others but in the end I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect a little pattern can have in your life!

– Work with the same color “intensity” {pastels with pastels or jewel tones with jewel tones}  Now this doesn’t mean that every single color has to be in the same tone {a pop is always encouraged!!} but if you are struggling to find a combo that works this can help you pull it all together.

– Combine different types of patterns.  Mix large scale floral patterns with linear stripes or plaids.  Ikats with textured fabrics.  Just don’t combine patterns that are too similar {ex. two different types of polkdots = big no-no}

– Find balance in your space.  Don’t put all of the patterns in one spot in the room, locate them around the room.  For instance in the picture below there is a large scale pattern on the window treatments, a texture on the fireplace  {the stone}, small linear patterned chairs with large scale pattern pillows and a patterned rug.  The patterns are balanced throughout the room using large scale patterns in combination with smaller scale and textured pattern.

{Image found here}

– Use a mix of scales of patterns as well as types.  In other words include large scale, medium scale and small scale patterns that are a combination of linear, organic and textured patterns

– Start with one pattern with lots of color and base scheme around that {a colorful stripe, floral or organic would be a good place to start}

– Don’t forget about those textures too!  Mixing up textures {velvety smooth with chunky knit or soft cotton} is another great way to add depth to your space.

Homework Assignment: Choose three or more patterns {odds are always better then evens}

  • Pattern #1 sets the tone for the other patterns.  For this pattern go big and bold.  Make sure there are more then 2 colors and look at patterns like ikat, floral or plaid.
  • Pattern #2 should  be about 1/2 the scale of the first pattern.  For this pattern try a geometric, animal print or stripe.  Try to use less colors then #1 {but at least 2}
  • Pattern #3 should be a small scale pattern or a texture that pulls from either #1 or #2.  Try a tone on tone pattern or a very strong textured fabric.  {remember pattern doesn’t have to only be bold and out there!}

Still nervous about the whole pattern mixing thing?  A great way to play with pattern without getting overwhelmed is by picking one color combo {in this case black and white} that way all you have to focus on is the scale and pattern type!

So get out there and get creative!  Start by looking around your house {or even in your closet} to see what kinds of patterns you might already have!  Push the limits of what you think “goes” together and try something a bit more unexpected!

Class Dismissed

~ Jillian

DIY: Closet Tags

Prepare yourself people…the nesting has officially set in and I’m in “time to get this house organized and lovely” mode!  Now this has a bit of a baby theme to it today but could easily be adapted for any closet in your house!  Think winter vs summer or different sizes in the master closet, dryclean vs hand wash in the laundry room.  So many options!  The best thing about this project is that I had all the supplies on hand so it came with a giant ZERO price tag and was quick and easy to accomplish. (those are the most satisfying of all jobs…wouldn’t you say!)

closet tagsSupplies:

  • Card Stock (approx. 4 x 6 / use precut sheets or cut your own if you have full sheets)
  • Decorative labels (or print something pretty right from your computer)
  • Decorative Punches, Decorative Scissors, Washi tape or even your favorite ribbon
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Marker

**Now the above list is really just a suggestion.  Use what you have in the house!  If you don’t have any of the decorative labels or punches, simply use regular scissors and markers to dress these up!

IMG_0059Step One:

  • Using a circle punch (or just a plain old pair of scissors) cut a circle approximately 1/2″ from the top of the sheet of card stock.
  • Cut a slit from the outside edge to the circle (this allows you to hang it over the closet rod).

IMG_0060Step Two:

  • Using a decorative punch; add a little detail to the bottom edge of the tag.
  • If you don’t have a punch, you can cut freehand, add a decorative piece of washi tape, glue on some cute ribbon or simply draw on a few stripes or polka dots with a marker.

IMG_0061Step Three:

  • Create the labels for each tag.  For the nursery closet I did Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc.
  • If you don’t have labels or don’t trust your freehand skills, simply print out cute text on your computer and cut them out to adhere to the tags.

** I did 2 labels of each kind to make the tags double-sided

IMG_0062Step Four:

  • Using double stick tape (or even a glue stick), apply to the back of the label and adhere to the precut cardstock tag.
  • If creating double-sided tags, simply flip over the tag and apply the second label in approximately the same location on the back.

IMG_0063Step Five:

  • Your DONE!  Now hang them in your closet, organize your little heart out and enjoy what you have created!!



IMG_0068Any other fabulous nursery closet organization tips you might have for me?  I’m in full unpacking and setting up mode so I can use those tips from you experienced moms out there!!

Cheers & Happy Organizing
~ Jillian

Merry Merry: Holiday Decorating!

Merry Merry!  It’s that time of year, when Christmas music is blaring on the radio (can’t say I mind that) there are pretty lights and holiday cheer everywhere!!  No matter what is going on in your life…there is something so special about this time of year.  Coming home to a house filled with Christmas lights, garland and a lovely smelling Christmas tree makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to CRAFT!  To take bits and pieces of things I already own and make them even more fabulous and festive.  This year I scored a load of magnolia leaves from a local tree (ah thank you) and have given my standard old garland and wreaths a fabulous refresh!  What better place to gather a bit of inspiration for your updated holiday decor then…Pinterest (duh)

wood box(source)

joy wreath(source)






table tree(source)



brown paper(source)

Spread some holiday cheer!
~ Jillian

Design School: creating Ikat

We’ve chatted about how beautiful Ikat fabric is before here at HSE, we’ve even shown you a fantastic resource for scoring some Ikat pillows, fabric and accessories of your very own!  But did you know how complicated and skilled the process of creating this gorgeous fabric is?!?!  I had NO idea and i’m in aww at the talented folks that have mastered the creation of these fabrics.

From a  design standpoint, Ikat is a wonderful way to add pattern, a color pop and even that final finishing detail to a space.  The patterns can pull together a color palette by incorporating colors together in an unexpected way.  Although many are bright and full of bold colors, some are subtle and soft and just add a beautiful pattern and texture to a more neutral space.  I have examples of both in my house and I LOVE how they add a cheerful punch!

There are two ways to color a fabric: to print the colors and designs to the already made fabric or to color the threads first and weave them together. The easier and more efficient way is to just print onto the fabric, whereas dying the threads first requires much skill. Ikat is a type of fabric that is dyed before it is woven. So how it works is that very skilled artisans arrange bundles of silk threads next to each other tightly. Then they bind these bundles in patterns they want to create on the fabric. This in itself is very time consuming work.


Then, these bundles are dyed. The threads are dipped into the dye. The bound parts of the silk do not receive the color whereas the unbound, exposed parts are colored. The tightly bound areas are waxed before dyeing so that the dye does not penetrate when the bundles are soaked in the dye.

men on loom

Fabrics that are more than two colors have to be bound and dyed more than once. This requires immense skill and time.  Lastly, the threads are woven on looms by hand.


on loom

The entire process is very demanding and labor intensive. The most skilled artisan could at most make about 2 yards of fabric per day.


You can check out some of these amazing fabrics, and pillowcases that have been made from these fabrics at the amazing and talented SilkWay.

Happy Decorating!!
~ Jillian