Chairish: Vintage Furniture Fabulousness

There is just something so wonderful about vintage pieces.  They add so much character and history to a space and there are so many different ways that you can incorporate them into a room that you love.  But finding vintage pieces can be a challenge!  What could be better than an online resource that brings fabulous vintage pieces right to your fingertips!

Chairish is an online marketplace for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another.  The super creative folks at Chairish asked me to create a mood board inspired by one of their beautiful armoires.  I was so inspired by this armoire on their site that I couldn’t resist creating TWO looks.  (…so many options…s0 hard to make a decision!)

Option 1: Modern Classic with a twist


Option 2: mid-century Vintage


Be sure to check out Chairish…and be prepared to fall in love with all of the vintage loveliness it has to offer!

Happy Shopping
~ Jillian



Trends to ♥

There are so many fabulous trends happening right now in the design world.  The problem is narrowing it down and figuring out what and how to make them apart of my life!  Here are just a few to get your creative juices flowing…

Trend #1: Bold Blue

kitchen blue(source)blue dresser(source)

blue paint(source)

Trend #2: Neutral Texture

neutral texture(source)


Trend #3: Warm Wood Tones

kitchen wood(source)

wood bed(source)

wood bathroom(source)

Trend #4: Geometric Pattern

geometric wc(source)

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.04.19 PM(source)

floor pattern(source)

What are your favorite trends happening right now?  Have you changed it up and brought them into your home??

~ Jillian

Kitchen Envy (again)

This post might look a little familiar to some of you…surprise it is a repeat!  2014 was quite a year for HSE so we wanted to look back and review some of our favorites!

Now we do have a wonderful new kitchen in our new house that I am loving, but there are always beautiful things out there worth looking at for further inspiration!

{From the lovely Martha}

I love love love the wood beams, the butcher block counter with the metal legs, the amazing pendant fixtures and all of the natural light!!

{Image found at Lavender & Lilies}

So much to love about this one…mildly obsessed with the white subway tile, painted bead board walls, large white farmhouse sink, cabinet color and the hanging baskets.

{From Elle Decor}

The built in L-shaped bench behind the counter is a MUST for my next kitchen…how brilliant is that!!  such a great casual dining layout right in the middle of the action…NEED IT!

I think everyone needs at least one chandelier in their house, why not two…over the kitchen island…YES please!!  Also love the detail over the sink window and the different cabinet colors.

{From Better Homes & Gardens}

I’ve shown you this one before…but i just love it.  Such a funky cabinet color, love the lead glass cabinet fronts, the painted bead board back splash is amazing and the copper pot open storage is the perfect touch of metal loveliness!

{Found at Young House Love}

The lit open glass shelving in this one is A-Maz-Ing.  and with all those cabinets…i bet her dishes stay nice and organized!!

{From Better Homes & Gardens}

The color combo in this kitchen makes me smile!  I enjoy the rug, the touches of turquoise & yellow, the texture from the woven chairs and the X detail in the glass cabinets!

Have i given you a case of Kitchen Envy?!  What are the things you love most about your current kitchen?  What do you day dream about for your future kitchen loveliness?

~ Jillian

Clean it up: Natural Granite Cleaner (again)

To kick off 2015, HSE is featuring some of its favorite posts from last year!  This baby is a still a staple in our house and is used on a DAILY basis!  Does anyone else feel like cleaning?!?

In an effort to keep our new house squeaky clean and healthy,  I’m on a “make my own natural cleaners” kick {its a real thing…i promise}  First item on the list…finding a way to keep our kitchen and master bathroom granite counters clean without damaging the sealant on the granite!  We plan to be here for a while and the last thing I want to do is prematurely strip that protective coat off!  So off Pinteresting I go…and stumble on this easy to follow recipe from the lovely Melissa at No. 2 Pencil.  This could NOT be any easier and chances are you already have everything you need.


Things you need:

  • Empty {and clean} spray bottle.
  • 1/4 tsp liquid dish soap
  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 2 1/2 cups water

How to:

  •  combine all ingredients in the bottle {I used a funnel to help contain the possible mess}
  • shake it up, add a little label to your bottle  and you are ready to go!

* You can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil for a little added yummy scent or just enjoy the natural good smell that comes from the dish soap.

Not only does this sanitize and clean up those counters, it leaves them with a lovely smooth and shiny finish.  Take care of that granite…its a keeper!  I’ve also used this on pretty much all my other “surfaces” around the house with great success!

Have you jumped into any natural cleaners?  What are your favorites?

Clean it up
~ Jillian

Design School: Mixing Patterns (again)

News flash: This is a repeat post from last year that was a favorite with HSE readers!  You can never have too many design tips as you freshen up your home for the new year, right!?!

One of the best ways to pull together a high end looking interior that doesn’t give off that “room in a bag” kind of vibe is to mix patterns; but to many that can be super intimidating!

Pattern is one of those things that when blended together right looks amazing but it is possible to have too much of a good thing or to get overwhelmed in the process!  My general rule of thumb for interiors is if you love it then go for it!!  But for those that are a-scared to jump off the pattern ledge here is the first ever HSE addition of Design School.

A little disclaimer first, these are just “guidelines” to follow, these aren’t hard and fast rules.  Most important is that you give it a shot…some attempts might be more successful then others but in the end I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect a little pattern can have in your life!

– Work with the same color “intensity” {pastels with pastels or jewel tones with jewel tones}  Now this doesn’t mean that every single color has to be in the same tone {a pop is always encouraged!!} but if you are struggling to find a combo that works this can help you pull it all together.

– Combine different types of patterns.  Mix large scale floral patterns with linear stripes or plaids.  Ikats with textured fabrics.  Just don’t combine patterns that are too similar {ex. two different types of polkdots = big no-no}

– Find balance in your space.  Don’t put all of the patterns in one spot in the room, locate them around the room.  For instance in the picture below there is a large scale pattern on the window treatments, a texture on the fireplace  {the stone}, small linear patterned chairs with large scale pattern pillows and a patterned rug.  The patterns are balanced throughout the room using large scale patterns in combination with smaller scale and textured pattern.

{Image found here}

– Use a mix of scales of patterns as well as types.  In other words include large scale, medium scale and small scale patterns that are a combination of linear, organic and textured patterns

– Start with one pattern with lots of color and base scheme around that {a colorful stripe, floral or organic would be a good place to start}

– Don’t forget about those textures too!  Mixing up textures {velvety smooth with chunky knit or soft cotton} is another great way to add depth to your space.

Homework Assignment: Choose three or more patterns {odds are always better then evens}

  • Pattern #1 sets the tone for the other patterns.  For this pattern go big and bold.  Make sure there are more then 2 colors and look at patterns like ikat, floral or plaid.
  • Pattern #2 should  be about 1/2 the scale of the first pattern.  For this pattern try a geometric, animal print or stripe.  Try to use less colors then #1 {but at least 2}
  • Pattern #3 should be a small scale pattern or a texture that pulls from either #1 or #2.  Try a tone on tone pattern or a very strong textured fabric.  {remember pattern doesn’t have to only be bold and out there!}

Still nervous about the whole pattern mixing thing?  A great way to play with pattern without getting overwhelmed is by picking one color combo {in this case black and white} that way all you have to focus on is the scale and pattern type!

So get out there and get creative!  Start by looking around your house {or even in your closet} to see what kinds of patterns you might already have!  Push the limits of what you think “goes” together and try something a bit more unexpected!

Class Dismissed

~ Jillian

Outlet Eye Sore

One of these things is not like the other, One of these things just doesn’t belong…seeing visions of Sesame Street anyone?!  This is the story of one sweet little designer who had it out for one evil white kitchen island outlet {stay with me…I promise it gets less weird}


It has been so much fun getting settled into our new house.  So much to do, a list of things that just keeps getting longer and longer; but so much comfort, happiness and joy too!  As you settle into new digs you begin to see things that you might not have noticed when you previously walked thru the house.  Some of those things start to grate on your nerves until they are the ONLY THINGS YOU SEE.
Clearly its a bit of an occupational hazard that I notice when things are crooked, uneven, unbalanced or say…blaringly the wrong color.  {I’ve been known to straighten a few crooked pictures in public spaces in my days…just doing my part to make this world a more beautiful place I guess.}  So you can imagine why the bright shiny white outlet on my beautiful dark espresso wood kitchen island {that is visible from pretty much the entire first floor} was overstaying his welcome.  I needed to change his color and FAST!

{WARNING: the image below might be disturbing to some.  Prepare yourself…}


So outlet Make-over was a must!  There are many many different ways we could accomplish this update; I was looking for something inexpensive, fairly easy to accomplish, and something that utilized at least some of the existing “parts & pieces”.

Step 1: Remove existing outlet cover with a screwdriver.  (be safe here folks, turn off power to the outlet, be sure to keep little munchkin fingers away from the exposed outlet and just use your general common sense)

step 1

Step 2: Install new outlet cover that better coordinates with the cabinet color.  I found this lovely ORB (oil rubbed bronze) beauty at Walmart!  Love how its not the EXACT same color as the cabinet (no matchy matchy here folks) but its a beautiful compliment to the cabinet.

Step 2

Step 3: The new cover was already a HUGE improvement but those white outlets were still little dots of white awfulness.  One option would be to replace the actual outlets with new ones, but that was not on the top of my list, so I needed a solution that would transform the existing babies.  Enter a combination of paint, paint pens and {gasp} even a little sharpie action.  To test out the perfect combo I did a few test patches on the old white outlet cover.  (its not only the same color as the outlets its also the same type of material)

Step 3

(this is my…”I can’t believe i’m actually using a sharpie on my brand new outlets” face)

Do it

Ta-Da!  Brand new-ish outlet!  The final winning combo was a base layer of black sharpie followed by several coats of Folk Art: Burnt Umber acrylic paint.  (Note: I did remove the cover to finish off the paint job)


Quite a difference isn’t it!  I no longer twitch when I look into the kitchen.

before after

So moral of the story…Don’t be afraid to tackle those tricky eye sores in your home!  Got any unmentionables you are looking to make-over? Questions about how to give them a facelift?  Send in your questions…let the HSE girls take a stab at it (and who knows…your fabulous make-over just might make an appearance on the blog!!)

Happy DIY-ing
~ Jillian

rEd, wHitE & fabulous!

Happy {almost} 4th of July!  The classic combo of Red White and Blue is the perfect way to show off your patriotic love.  But this fabulous mix of colors isn’t just for celebrating our country’s special day; use it all year round as a chic palette for the most special rooms in your home!

RWB LIving Room

blue print


RWB glass

RWB Dining Room


red print

RWB Bedroom


RWB print vase


{All items pictured can be found at the oh so lovely Crate and Barrel}


Enjoy those fireworks, hot dogs and a bit of extra special time with your friends and family!  Happy 4th!

~ Jillian

Color me Happy: Sunny Yellow

It’s been so rainy in Atlanta lately…i’m beginning to wonder if we will ever see the sun again {at least for more then one day at a time!!}  So to add that little bit of extra sunshine we’ve been missing {and hopefully to bring on some lovely spring weather} here is an extra dose of sunny yellow.  CoMe on Mr.Sunshine!!  A random assortment of happy, lovely things yellow…enjoy

























Get Inspired! {and add a little extra sunshine to your life!}

~ Jillian

It’s time to SKI!!

One of my most favorite types of vacations is skiing!!  It is such a cool experience to be on top of a giant mountain, covered with snow with nothing but beautiful nature around you {and then hauling butt down that mountain…and trying not to fall!}  We look forward to planning a ski trip {almost} every year if we can…in fact we got engaged on one!!  {the boy did it right…gorgeous mountains in the background…such an amazingly sweet surprise!}  This year {boo} we will not be heading out west and i’m having snow withdraws!!  So in an attempt to soothe my no-ski troubles I have for you a little ski resort decor inspiration.  So snuggle up and enjoy!!

ski lodge 1{I am dying for that ottoman…ski lodge or not…I might need that in my life!!}

ski lodge 2{Chic & sophisticated meets comfy lodge}

ski lodge 3{Bring a little Scandinavian design inspiration into that ski lodge}

ski lodge 4{Classic and comfy with clean lines and lots of charm}


Ohhhhh how I want to be shwooshing down a mountain!!
Stay warm
~ Jillian

{all images can be found at Crate & Barrel, Z Gallerie, West Elm & Pottery Barn}

On Trend: Herringbone

Herringbone! {originally featured on Burlap+Blue}  Herringbone is a V-shape pattern originally weaved into a twill fabric commonly used for clothing and outerwear.  But this pattern has broken thru into the design world in a major way!  It is clean and linear.  It can be subtle and neutral or graphic and bright.  These days herringbone can be found on everything from rugs and pillows to dishware and furniture!

{source / source / source}

{source / source / source}


{source / source}

One of the great things about Herringbone is that it’s a pattern that crosses over from traditional to modern.  You can easily blend it into a so many different types of spaces {and because its roots are in suit fabric, its an easy sell with the guys too!}  So step out into the world of pattern and add a little herringbone into your world!

Get Inspired!
~ Jillian