Monday Mantra: Stressed

To say life is a bit crazy around here these days is the understatement of the century.  There is clearly not enough time in the day to get all the things crossed off of the old to do list and by the end of the day i’m usually crawling to bed…but it couldn’t be more wonderful!!  I do wish I had a few extra hours to get some extra snuggles from our little one, spend more time with the husband & our sweet little puppy and catch up with friends and family.  (lets not even start on the other “to do’s” that get left behind)  So all I can do is squeeze the most out of each day and remember to pause and enjoy the moments that make me smile

“Stop focusing on how stressed you are
and remember how blessed you are”

Female hand holding a four leaf clover on the ground

Soak up as many special moments each day that you can.  take a breathe.  Enjoy what’s happening right now in your life!

~ Jillian


Fall Color Inspiration

Autumn is right around the corner… and with it comes cooler temperatures (thank goodness!!) and of course beautiful fall colors.  These inspiring tones are sure to get you ready to jump into a new season.  So break out those sweaters and get ready to order yourself a delicious pumpkin latte…because it’s all about Fall!

Slide1Cadmium Orange is a dramatic tangerine tone with a retro vibe and a huge pop of personality.


A sophisticated take on olive green with a soothing and chic feel.


An easy going warm and rustic shade with a cozy vibe reminiscent of fall foliage.


A relaxing blue-gray with a cool and calming feel and an almost ocean-like vibe


A mix of violet, orchid, and amethyst is a sophisticated pop of color.

Are you READY for fall!?!  What are your favorite hues of the season?

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

~ Jillian

Monday Mantra: Falling into Place

Oh what a year it has been so far.  It would be an understatement to call it a rollercoaster ride that has gotten us to this point.  If this last year has taught me anything, it’s that things happen for a reason and even if you feel like your world is crumbling around you, there is a bigger plan in motion that promises to bring great things.  I am so thankful for everything we have experienced because it has brought us to the most wonderful time in our lives.  We have a sweet little miss that brings unimaginable joy into our lives and I am fortunate enough to spend more time with her then I ever thought I would be able to.  All things fall into place, even if the journey to get there seems a little bumpy.  Looking back, those bumps were totally worth it.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart
they may actually be falling into place”


Cheers to finding your path, surpassing what you thought would make you the happiest and ending up exactly where you belong.

~ Jillian

Trends to ♥

There are so many fabulous trends happening right now in the design world.  The problem is narrowing it down and figuring out what and how to make them apart of my life!  Here are just a few to get your creative juices flowing…

Trend #1: Bold Blue

kitchen blue(source)blue dresser(source)

blue paint(source)

Trend #2: Neutral Texture

neutral texture(source)


Trend #3: Warm Wood Tones

kitchen wood(source)

wood bed(source)

wood bathroom(source)

Trend #4: Geometric Pattern

geometric wc(source)

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.04.19 PM(source)

floor pattern(source)

What are your favorite trends happening right now?  Have you changed it up and brought them into your home??

~ Jillian

Yummo: Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Dinner these days around our house has definitely changed.  Now we are balancing pulling together a healthy and FAST dinner with snuggling and playing with our little miss before she heads to bed.  Add to that the fact that me and hubby have totally different likes & dislikes and you’ve got yourself a tough challenge!!!  So when I find recipes that we both can enjoy I’m sold!!  It’s super important that our meals are quick,easy and healthy of course!  So much of what we buy at the store these days is full of junk.  Preservatives to extend shelf life and added things that just aren’t good!!  Pulling together something this easy makes that store bought spaghetti sauce totally unnecessary!

Easy Spaghetti Sauce


Easy Spaghetti Sauce


  • Gluten-free Spaghetti Noodles (my favorite is Quinoa pasta!)
  • Ground Turkey
  • Garlic Powder
  • Dried Onion
  • Dried Oregano
  • Tomato Sauce
  • *Reserved Pasta Water
  • Red Pepper Flake
  • Cardamon
  • Salt
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Shredded Parmesan (and any other spaghetti topics you like!)


  1. Brown ground turkey (or ground meat of choice) & cook pasta.
  2. Season with garlic powder, dried onion & dried oregano. (add a splash of tomato sauce to prevent the meat from sticking to the pan if necessary)
  3. Add apple cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce and reserved pasta water.
  4. Season with red pepper flake, cardamon and salt.
  5. Add remaining tomato sauce and let simmer for flavors to combine.

*This is not an exact science!  If you love spice add more of the cumin and red pepper flake, if you are a vinegar kind of person…load it up!  Adjust the quantities to your taste and enjoy!!

**I usually broil up some broccoli or throw together a salad and the hubby makes a quick garlic toast to go along with his spaghetti! (easy…toast with garlic powder and melted cheese slices!!)

~ Jillian

Monday Mantra: things we love

Happy Monday to you.  If it feels like time is flying by and its hard to believe its monday again…well you are right!!  I can’t believe it either!  Life has changed just a bit for us in the last few months and I couldn’t be happier.  Even though there are so many things that have been pushed to the side for now, the love and joy (despite the tiredness) from our little one is indescribable.

“We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there, too.”

metal heart

Embrace whatever it is in your life that make you the happiest!

Cheers & Happy Monday!
~ Jillian

Monday Mantra: how far you can go

Happy Monday to ya!  The past two months have flown by here for us, and I just can’t believe how fast our little miss is growing.  Life has changed in the most amazing ways!  There are so many reasons to be thankful (the most important one happens to be pretty cute too!) and we are truly blessed beyond words.  I never could have imagined how full my heart has become.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the months to come (and I secretly want them to slow down just a bit).

“Take pride in how far you have come and
have faith in how far you can go.”


Happy Monday
~ Jillian

Monday Mantra: fountain

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  What a beautiful weekend of weather we had here in Georgia.  Finally a little break from the sweltering heat and humidity of the last few weeks!  We were finally able to enjoy being outside and spent the weekend relaxing, playing in the garden and catching up with family and friends.  We want to make sure that our little miss loves the outdoors, so these days you can find us enjoying the summer breeze on a rocking chair outside (if you catch us between naps that is).  So many wonderful things to be thankful for right about now, its hard not to walk around with a big old smile on our faces!

“Be a fountain, not a drain”


Cheers & Happy Monday
~ Jillian

Guest Post: DIY Dining Tables

It’s DIY time here at HSE and today we’ve got a fabulous guest post brought to us by the lovely Gina Carlson (via Modernize).  Gina lives in Minnesota with her husband and four crazy pets, and is a DIY home improvement addict.  She’s pulled together some great inspiration and DIY ideas to turn your dining room into something fabulous!  Found a table you love but its not really in the budget…well you’ve come to the right place today!!


DIY Dining Room Table Ideas
By: Gina Carlson
via Modernize

dining 1

When we started looking for a dining room table, we had grandiose visions of something elegant but simple, with clean lines, but unique design. After touring dozens of home stores, scouring the internet, and coming up empty handed, we debated about creating something of our own that would fit our style and existing decor.

If you’re considering going the DIY route, you’ve got a lot of options at your fingertips. Since you likely don’t have a woodshop in your garage, you probably won’t be re-creating a Queen Anne piece, but you can still make something that will be gorgeous and distinctive to your home.  The first thing any DIY’er needs to do is determine what material you are going to use. Creating a table can take a considerable amount of time, depending on the materials you use, so don’t anticipate knocking it out in a day. However, the payoff is well worth the effort – so plan your attack, and start your shopping! An easy way to DIY a table is to find a style you love – and refinish it!

Yard sales, thrift stores, and secondhand shops are all a source to find a table that will fit the size and shape you need. Look for sturdy construction with steady legs – and don’t worry if there are scratches and nicks; you can handle those during the process of refinishing, and depending on the style of your home, the imperfections will add some character.  If you’ve searched the stores and come up empty, there are dozens of online stores that sell table legs and bases, which are the core of any good space to sit. Once you’ve found the table of your dreams, you can start your design.

dining 2via Modernize

For a wood table in good condition, you can simply sand it down and add a new coat of polyurethane to brighten and refresh the finish. If the table has too much of a retro vibe for you, your first order of business is to sand the table down and refinish with a new color, or spice up the color with a new paint job. This creates a very modern look, and will give your dining area a flare that none other can match!

dining 3via Modernize

A paint job is easily completed by hand – start with coarse sandpaper, and work your way to a finer grit. A power sander will do the job in a quick time frame – but elbow grease is required for the legs and/or any design elements the table features. Once you’ve sanded off all the old polyurethane, wipe the table down with a tack cloth to remove all the excess sawdust from all the surfaces. Choose a paint color that will coordinate with your decor, and after a few coats, you’ll be ready to go!

If you’re looking for less legwork, there are a few other options to choose. Metal table bases can be spray painted, using any of the variety of colors and textures available at any home improvement store. From there, you can purchase a large piece of glass for the top, or even go so far as to use reclaimed wood, screwed and glued together to create a table top that fits your style and taste.

No matter what you choose, a DIY table is the way to bring YOU into your home, and have a conversation starter you’ll use for years to come!  
For more design ideas and inspiration, head to


So get your DIY brainstorming going and create something beautiful for you and your family to enjoy!  Happy Dining (and DIY-ing)

~ Jillian

Monday Mantra: Change

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoying good weather and spending time with loved ones.  We visited with friends and family, worked out in the yard and of course enjoyed lots of snuggles with our little miss!  What a crazy month it has been and for sure the best (and most sleepy) I’ve had.  As life changes and we move thru the different stages it is easy to get lost a bit in where you are headed.  What’s most important is that you stay true to yourself and realize that most importantly life is about the journey and about what you make out of the moments you are handed.  So enjoy yourself.  Make the most out of every moment and realize that you are only in control of how you handle the out of control moments that come your way.

“I can affect change by transforming the only thing that
I ever had control over in the first place – and that is myself.”


Happy Monday!